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IDS Announces Aquisition of Aspen Logistics in Salt Lake City, UT

IDS is excited to announce the expansion of a west coast fulfillment center with the acquisition of Aspen Logistics in Salt Lake City, UT  Read more...

Ecommerce Fulfillment Solutions that Save Time & Money

Experience results-focused logistics with Integrated Distribution Services, Inc. IDS delivers integrated logistics solutions that include ecommerce fulfillment, direct to consumer fulfillment and parcel management. All IDS programs are dedicated to improving your operating efficiencies, enhancing your customer service, and ultimately improving your bottom line. 
Optimal Locations for Ecommerce Order Fulfillment
ecommerce distribution map
  • Shorter transit times help to improve customer service and lower shipping costs
  • IDS Indianapolis reaches 90% of the US population East of the Rockies in 2 day ground
  • IDS Salt Lake City reaches 90% of the US population West of the Rockies in 2 day ground
  • IDS reaches 90% of the US population in 2 day ground
  • No other point in the US reaches more people in a less amount of time
Fulfillment Programs Designed Around Your Needs
  • IDS takes the time to understand your business and your needs
  • IDS incorporates our proven process into your program to provide you the most efficient and cost effective solution
  • IDS is not just another cookie cutter solution. With over 50 years of logistics experience, IDS has proven that we can handle your company's challenges
State of the Art Fulfillment Centers
IDS offers a state of the art fulfillment and distribution center located just outside of Indianapolis, IN, and now in Salt Lake City, UT. The IDS distribution centers offer customers the capability to handle all of their current needs, and the flexibility to handle all of their future needs. With state of the art technology to manage inventory levels and provide real time visibility, customers are always in control. 
  • Order Fulfillment Services
    • Optimal order fulfillment center location for National, East Coast, West Coast or Midwest distribution.
    • Customized fulfillment programs designed around your needs
    • State of the art order fulfillment center with advanced material handling technology
    • Complex Order Pick, Pack, and Ship Order Fulfillment
    • Multiple parcel freight carrier options with aggressive discounts
    • Complex Inventory Management
    • Specializing in e-commerce fulfillment for a multitude of industries such as apparel, toys and games, food and beverage, and more...
  • Warehousing and Distribution
    • Contract Warehousing
    • Public Warehousing
    • Centrally located state of the art distribution center means more efficient and cost effective delivery

The results are a more efficient and cost effective supply chain that will ultimately increase sales, improve customer service, and improve your bottom line. Experience a results focused logistics company with the flexibility, capability, and proven processes to help deliver a competitive advantage.

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