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Third Party Warehousing Services

If you own an eCommerce or retail business, your focus is undoubtedly on order fulfillment—it's the bread and butter of what drives your bottom line. While you're working hard to drive sales, you might find it hard to keep up with the growth, as you're trying to keep all of the plates spinning in-house. What if you could offload some of the daily duress? Once you've reached the point where you're wondering where to find an efficient solution, IDS’ 3PL warehousing and fulfillment services are what you're looking for.


What is 3PL?

3PL is an acronym for third party logistics, an umbrella term for a specific set of services provided by a company. 3PL warehousing services handle the integration and receiving of orders, warehousing, packaging, and shipment services.

eCommerce and retail businesses alike are flocking to 3PL solutions in response to the dramatic rise in consumer demand.

Our third party warehousing can make the daily load feel a lot lighter.

Why IDS Fulfillment?

IDS Fulfillment is leading the charge on 3PL warehousing with locations in Indiana and Utah that allow for 2-day shipping to 90% of the United States. Additionally, all IDS warehouses meet the FDA regulations for food, medical device, over-the-counter, and cosmetic product storage. Avoid delays or lost inventory with our advanced item tracking system so that you always know where your products are and the status of your orders.

Through the use of advanced technology, IDS Fulfillment doesn't miss a single detail from receiving to shipment; you'll be in the know through integrated systems every step of the way. IDS Fulfillment places emphasis on transparency, as we understand the importance of real-time information access to ensure business continuity.

Consistency of service matters to us, as we know that a business's longevity hinges on its stability. That's why we use leading software solutions that provide user-friendly displays that extract the essence of the information you're looking for. 3PL warehousing won't just save you time, but money as well. With our attention to detail, mistakes won't be made, and issues can be resolved much quicker than it would've been handled in-house.

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If you are looking for business stability and integrated warehousing solutions, IDS Fulfillment is here to help. Request your free quote online today—we're always ready to talk business.


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