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Daily Deal Order Fulfillment Services

Daily deal sites like Groupon, Living Social, Zulily, etc. are very unpredictable and you can receive thousands of orders at a moment’s notice. IDS Fulfillment has the ability to ramp up staff and support for even the biggest fluctuations in order volume. Daily deal order fulfillment can truly make or break this business.

IDS understands that when it comes to daily deal order fulfillment, margins can be thin. IDS provides low cost fulfillment services and offers low cost outbound shipping options and packaging supplies. Rest assured that IDS Fulfillment has the staff, technology and capabilities to handle this fast-paced and complex business model.

With capabilities, flexibility and a strong industry knowledge, you can rest assured that IDS knows daily deal order fulfillment and understands your business demands.

Ready to launch a major deal for your company? Let us help you plan the logistics of your daily deal.

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