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E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

IDS offers customized eCommerce order fulfillment services that are fast, dependable, and driven by proven processes. For over 60 years, we have perfected our processes in order to offer an order fulfillment service that retailers can trust to get the job done. This is why IDS is frequently named a Top 3PL and one of the best fulfillment companies year after year. 

Whether you are a well-funded start up or a multi brand company, IDS will exceed your expectations. Our strategically located fulfillment and distribution centers on the east and west coast provide you two day shipping options to 92% of the US. Combine that with our real time order management system and you get an order fulfillment service that is accurate, on-time and provides you with complete visibility. 

The bottom line is IDS provides an integrated eCommerce order fulfillment solution that is dependable, capable, and process driven. Check out what sets IDS apart from other fulfillment providers.


Strategic Locations

IDS has strategically located eCommerce fulfillment and distribution centers in Utah and Indiana. These locations were selected because of how they scored on a variety of criteria. Both locations offer a low cost of living, a favorable tax environment, and a robust workforce. These factors allow us to provide an eCommerce order fulfillment service that is more cost effective, saving you money while always maintaining a flexible workforce to meet those peak season demands. All IDS facilities utilize the same processes, procedures and systems to ensure you get the same high quality of service no matter where your product is located.


Our Indiana facilities feature our HQ and provides our east coast fulfillment services. Indiana is called the cross roads of America because of the large amount of interstates that converge there. These Indiana fulfillment and distribution centers are located at the heart of it all in Plainfield Indiana, a large logistics hub favored by many ecommerce and retail giants. This allows fast access to all of the major carrier hubs giving IDS later pick up times to provide our customers with later order cut off times.

Our Salt Lake City Utah fulfillment center meets the needs of our west coast fulfillment. Utah is a prime location for west coast fulfillment largely for the same reasons Indiana is. Utah has a favorable legislative and business environment, as well as a large work force to tap into like some other western states. But Utah tends to have an advantage in costs of living which allows us to pass that savings on to our customers.

Parcel Discounts with IDS ProParcel

Retailers need to understand the importance of having a parcel program that can allow low cost shipping that meet customer transit expectations.  Through IDS’ ProParcel program, we aggregate shipments amount our customers to negotiate the best rates to pass along to our customers.

Carrier relationships can be difficult to manage and there isn’t a one size fits all solution.  Through ProParcel, IDS help our customers find the best shipping solution that meets their price point and customer expectation.

Carriers view 3PL’s often in a different light, and working with a fulfillment partner who understands and has a close relationship with the carriers can provide tremendous benefits.  IDS has spent years developing the right relationships and carrier negotiation tactics to provide the most value to our clients. We frequently renegotiate our shipping rates and service levels on behalf of our clients and share our group discounts so all IDS clients can benefit.

State of the art WMS

The IDS WMS provides a high level of visibility into your fulfillment operations. At any given time, IDS clients are able to see an instant snap shot of all of their inventory and orders, including order status. This allows both IDS and our clients to react quickly and easily when issues arise. Orders that are delayed are quickly flagged and the information can be called up for resolution in seconds. 

Each activity IDS staff completes is tracked and logged within the WMS. Those activities are associated with the individual items and can be quickly referenced. This allows retailers to see exactly what is happening behind the scenes at IDS without time consuming emails and phone calls. For IDS, this visibility allows us to respond to delays or operational complications in real time.

Our IT team has worked to build integrations into all of the major shopping carts so that set up and connecting systems is quick and painless. But if you happen to use a system that doesn’t have a pre-built integration, our team will build an integration for you.

Value Add Services

IDS believes in offering a complete eCommerce fulfillment solution. This is why we have a suite of fulfillment and distribution services that we can offer to compliment your fulfillment.

By providing these value added services, IDS strives to become a strategic partner with all of our customers and provide services that will help optimize their supply chains while providing value to their customers.

To learn more about the savings that are available to your business, please schedule your free consultation by clicking below!


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