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How does IDS manage start-up risks?

IDS has detailed process and years of experience to guarantee that new account/program integration is seamless with no surprises and no interruption of service. 

Click here for more detail on the IDS start-up process.

How experienced is IDS?

IDS has been in business over 50 years.  The company's private owners are actively engaged in the management and direction of the company, keeping IDS focused on providing customer value while offering a safe, reliable choice for our clients.

Does IDS have a diverse client base?

Yes. IDS has a diverse client base and serves many industries including apparel, direct sales, electronics, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, toys and games, and specialty foods.

Why outsource fulfillment?

Experts can manage costs and maintain high standards in delivery that clients expect. Fulfillment, along with transportation and distribution, is a core competency at IDS.

Is there a benefit to working with a full-service 3PL like IDS?

IDS delivers a comprehensive solution that provides clients more options and more value. As your company continues to grow, IDS will continue to offer cost effective solutions. Deploy our services a la carte or as a complete package.

Does IDS calculate cost efficiencies for clients?

Yes. IDS works with its clients to determine the key operating metrics that lead to success. We can monitor these metrics to ensure that our service exceeds expectations.

How does IDS stay in control of inventory and data?

Advanced warehouse and transportation management systems are accessible to clients via password protected web connections 24-hours a day. The secure systems are built for reliability and data protection.

What if a company needs to change programs frequently?

IDS excels at serving clients experiencing fast growth, highly seasonal or widely fluctuating order patterns, and those needing multiple services. We know growing businesses need flexibility.


Why contract transportation services?

IDS can design innovative solutions to allow the client to excel in the market place. IDS constantly monitors costs and efficiencies to keep clients informed of any industry changes and to pass along cost savings. IDS delivers comprehensive solutions that provide ongoing options and solutions.

Isn't transportation just about the lowest lane rates?

Not necessarily. IDS believes that consistent on-time delivery, responsive customer service and tailored programs to match client needs are equally important to measures of value.

Is intermodal right for my firm?

Often yes, but not always. Intermodal can add a day or more to in-transit times. Although, in some
cases, the transit days could be equal to over-the-road times. Intermodal line haul costs are generally
25% to 50% lower than over-the-road costs.

Can I maintain visibility of my shipment if it's on the rail?

Yes! Because of the technology used by IDS and relationships established between IDS and the rail
providers, real time visibility of your shipment is usually available 24/7. Additionally, advanced systems are available to clients via password-protected web connections 24-hours a day. The secure systems are built for reliability and data protection.

Does IDS have strengths in all modes of transportation?

Yes! While IDS is a true intermodal company and intermodal is one of our key competencies,
we are equally adept in truckload, LTL, domestic air and refer. We have strong relationships with providers in these modes. If you want to outsource your transportation activities, IDS also provides
freight management services.

If IDS manages my transportation, won't I lose control of it?

No. You gain control of your freight through our freight management program! You can still determine your carriers if desired while IDS provides the tools to give you more visibility, insight and leverage on your spend.

Does IDS own assets?

No. IDS is in the business of transportation management. The company fosters relationships with select industry leaders in truckload, LTL, air and rail in order to leverage the strengths of each for the benefit of IDS clients. 

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