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IDS Focus

IDS concentrates on three primary service offerings:


Parcel shipping “pick-pack” orders
IDS maintains competencies in both direct to consumer and business to business sales channels while serving primarily customers with higher value products, complex order or inventory profiles, or other business complexities such as highly seasonal sales, multi-channel sales, or needs for multiple combined services.


Case Level Picking
IDS also excels at case level picking operations including direct to consumer or business to business channels. We currently ship to most major retailers fully supporting our clients’ needs for UCC 128 compliant shipments and other critical shipping abilities.


IDS focuses on 53 ' domestic intermodal, freight management, truck-load, LTL, and parcel shipping while supporting these modes with full service capability in other modes. Most of our clients find that IDS’s approach to transportation relationships can provide more cost effective programs with more visibility and performance in at least some of their current modes. Most pick-pack clients participate in IDS’s parcel freight discount program.

IDS supports these services with other competencies and abilities including:


Food/OTC Grade Operations
Whether your products require it or not, our clients benefit from IDS’s adherence to food/OTC grade processes, sanitation, and security programs.


Full menu of additional services
IDS routinely builds kits and POP displays in large and small volumes for its clients as well as performing a variety of labeling and other services.


Logistics Management Services
IDS manages operations provided by other logistics companies often incorporating our software and systems. When it makes sense for our clients, IDS has demonstrated the ability to manage cost effective, integrated programs regardless of location.


IDS routinely demonstrates that our written business development processes, vendor base, and abilities lead to on-time and on-budget onboarding.


IDS’s web based customer interfaces provide intuitive, effective and real-time capability and data to our clients. Many clients rely on these interfaces as their primary customer service tool!


Focused Expertise
Vertical markets currently supported include health and beauty items, processed and package foods, vitamins, printed material, toys, food/health supplement products, direct sales programs (party plan and MLM), clothing and apparel, gift items, and consumer electronics.

IDS has the core competencies, experience, people, systems and results to differentiate itself in our chosen areas of service!

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