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Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

Omnichannel distribution is challenging the traditional distribution norm.  

While ecommerce is an operational challenge above and beyond retail distribution, omnichannel distribution steps up the challenges exponentially with customers expecting every DC and retail location to be a single integrated entity.

The good news is, when the omnichannel strategy is executed to its fullest, it is a windfall in savings and time for the retailer and a dream for their customers.


At IDS, we understand the logistical challenges in omnichannel distribution and provide our customers with customized fulfillment solutions:

Technology & Compliance

IDS technology allows retailers to execute omnichannel orders in real-time, with the flexibility to ensure your customers get what they want, when they want it while keeping you compliant with your vendors.

Pick & Pack / Kitting & Packaging

With IDS' performance-driven pick and pack service, we manage your high SKU counts, seasonality and increased demands.  No matter the size or complexity of your kitting requirements, IDS has the equipment, technology and expertise to efficiently and cost-effectively handle all of your needs.


One of the most difficult processes in any supply chain is returns. Through advanced technology and focused processes, IDS implements a reverse logistics infrastructure that seamlessly handles omnichannel returns. 

Shipping & Transportation

Your shipping costs are one of the biggest expenses you'll have in fulfilling your customers' orders. The IDS ProParcel™ Shipping Solution enables our clients to obtain the optimal shipping solution, combining advanced software selecting parcel carriers and modes from a wide range of options with significant discounts, reporting and visibility, to track inventory and availability in real-time. 

IDS is strategically located in Indianapolis, IN and Salt Lake City, UT. Distributing from both locations allows you to reach 98% of the US population in 2 day ground service. 

Our omnichannel retailing customers are able to concentrate on their marketing, brand and sales... while we handle the rest.

To learn more about IDS' omnichannel fulfillment solutions, please schedule your free consultation


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