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Pick & Pack Fulfillment Services

In a retail world that relies more and more on ecommerce as a primary market avenue, pick and pack fulfillment services are more vital than ever. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is what sets us apart, providing our clients with a better, more efficient service.

What is Pick & Pack Fulfillment?

Warehouse picking and packing is the process of picking individual items from the shelves of a warehouse and packing them to be shipped to the consumer. The first step, picking, can be done using several different methods. IDS utilizes each of the different methods based on which would be the most efficient for both your time and money while ensuring maximum accuracy in delivery. These methods are piece, batch, zone, and wave pick and packing.

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Pick & Pack Methods

IDS' Warehouse Management System

Regardless of method, the WMS is what drives IDS as a leader in the pick and pack fulfillment industry. Designed to automate and optimize the overall operations, the WMS keeps a live record of all inventory and orders allowing our clients able to instantly find any order status.

Hand pulling a box off of a shelf with various other boxes in a pick and pack fulfillment warehouseThis system is also a key in maintaining accuracy, with employees updating each order at every step of the way. It’s the WMS that allows IDS the ability to not only focus on efficiency and accuracy, but scalability. Online ordering is a living ecosystem, fluctuating based on any given day or time of year. IDS offers flexibility across the board, including flex labor, integrated robotic systems,  increased staffing, and the ability to add additional stations as needed. This allows us to provide top-level, white-glove service to our customers with minimal delays or disruptions.

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