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Pick & Pack Fulfillment Services

IDS’ bread and butter is in pick and pack fulfillment services.  This is the process of taking individual units from a master carton and repacking them into another package.  IDS utilizes multiple pick and pack methods based on the needs of the client, which is the most efficient mode of order picking. Regardless of method, 100% of all orders are RF audited for accuracy at the end of the picking process.


The IDS Warehouse Management System (WMS) is designed to optimize our picking and packing in order to maintain accuracy and efficiencies.  This helps to keep costs down and drive high order accuracy.  The WMS provides the flexibility needed to maintain work flow and optimize picking through batch processing.  The WMS and systems that IDS utilize are the back bone of the operations. 

A key component to any pick and pack fulfillment operation is scalability.  Orders can fluctuate day to day, week to week and have tremendous seasonality.  IDS has mastered the ability to flex labor, increase staffing and through put.  IDS also has the flexibility to add additional work stations, audit stations, pack stations and more.  This flexibility allows us to meet the demands of our customers without interruption to service.

Through the pick and pack process IDS attempts to add value to our customers by helping them with branded packaging.  IDS also encourages a promotional insert or other marketing materials into each order.  As part of a commitment to helping our clients realize their vision, we implement custom pack outs for your product to help give you the presentation that your customers expect with their products.

IDS warehouse picking and packing services currently supports inserts, samples, custom packing slips (multiple formats available that can be selected on an order by order basis), packing slip messaging, personalized gift card insertion and more.

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