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IDS brings a full supply chain approach to our services. By helping our customers manage their transportation needs as well as their warehousing and fulfillment needs, IDS is able to provide our customers with a one stop shop approach to fulfillment and warehousing needs.transportation

Transportation costs can be one of the biggest expenses in a supply chain, but is often one of the most overlooked.  By aggregating volumes from all of our customers, IDS is able to provide highly discounted rates.  Combining our highly discounted transportation rates with our strategically placed location in Indianapolis and Salt Lake City, the savings in transportation alone can far outweigh the costs of fulfillment.

Inbound Services:

Bringing your product into an IDS facility may seem difficult, especially if you are not consistently moving product of this quantity.  IDS' transportation team works with a multitude of different parcel, LTL/TL and intermodal carriers to help bring your product into our facilities whether it is being shipped domestically or internationally. With IDS' Port to Door service your transportation needs are met whether from an international port or a domestic port.

Outbound Services:

IDS consistently works with customers to help come up with the optimal outbound shipping strategy based on needs and buyers wants.  We can analyze your shipping data to come up with a custom shipping solution designed around your product and your customer base.  Using custome logic we can determine the best shipping method for time and cost.  Whether you are shipping a few hundred or thousands of parcel shipments daily with that occasional LTL or TL shipment, IDS has a solution that will work for you.

IDS Parcel Transportation Services

ProParcel™ Shipping Solution

IDS understands the importance of having an effective parcel program when shipping direct-to-consumer, and the ProParce™ Shipping Solution enables our customers to find the optimal solution for their needs. IDS' ProParcel™ Shipping Solution helps customers maximize their cost savings through shipping.



The IDS team is committed to providing high-quality service to its warehousing customers at the best rates available. Whether you ship high volumes of LTL/Truckload or only have occasional shipments, the IDS network of carriers will get your shipments where they need to go on time.

Supply Chain Consultation

Supply Chain Consulting

IDS will work with your business to implement a supply chain solution that will deliver your business a competitive advantage over the competition. We will help your business to evaluate its specific needs and use our proven methodologies to increase the profitability of your supply chain. 

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