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Shoe Warehouse & Fulfillment Services

Over the shoulder shot of a man ordering shoes online on his laptop which is on a wooden tabletop. Being in a shoe industry means fighting with a lot of daily challenges. Trends tend to shift very quickly, and if your company wants to stay in the market, it is forced to adopt in a short period of time. IDS proves to be one of the best partners you can have in this fight. By using our services, you are guaranteed to make your footwear fulfillment services more efficient and your deliveries faster. The technologies you get access to through us will allow you to:

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Everything we do is carefully planned to the last detail for quality assurance and backed up by the years of the first-hand experience. Our services will improve your margins, provide an extremely low or zero-defect rate for your footwear and timely delivery.

Our shoe warehouse centers are strategically located in Indianapolis, Indiana and Salt Lake City, Utah. This means that we can successfully and efficiently provide footwear fulfillment services to all major markets in the US. No matter if you’re in need of our services on the east coast, west coast, or nationwide, IDS will have a solution for you.

Some of the footwear that we currently service include: athletic, fashion, outdoor, sports, sandals, every day, comfort, etc.

Footwear Fulfillment Services

With our real-time monitoring and 24/7 access to the information, you will be able to follow your shipments and access your data in a blink of an eye. Thanks to our utilization of the latest technology available in the industry, we have managed to significantly increase the speed we work at and at the same time decrease the costs.

The latest technology in the field also enables you to fully customize our shoe warehouse services to suit your business needs. You will have an extensive cost analysis and control over all logistic services. Combine that with more than 50 years of this company’s experience in logistics, and you get exactly what you need for your business to grow.

We have positioned our warehouses purposefully to provide the best coverage across the US and provide footwear fulfillment services. What this means for you is that you will be able to reach a majority of the United States within 2-day shipping. In today’s world, providing a fast and reliable shipment is of crucial importance. A stunning 99% of consumers claim that fast delivery is of great importance to them when making online purchases.

One of the biggest challenges in the shoe industry is the fluctuations in orders and shipments according to seasons. We have implemented tactics which have been time-tested and proved to successfully deal with that issue. Our demand-sensing model and software will make sure your rush orders are delivered in a timely and professional manner directly from our shoe warehouses.

IDS’ main 3 focus points are:

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