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At IDS Fulfillment, we are always working to improve our services which includes keeping a keen eye on innovations and advancements in 3PL technology. Our use of 3rd party logistics software, in conjunction with our two strategically located distribution centers, enables us to provide 2-day delivery to 92% of the United States. As fulfillment technology paves the way for faster and more efficient distribution, IDS is right behind it and ready to implement new software.

As of 2021, our fulfillment centers have been completely upgraded to make way for fully automated systems that utilize the power of robotics to increase the speed and capacity of our operation. For you, this means better accuracy, faster fulfillment, and comprehensive insight into the ongoing status of your products and shipments.

Advanced Warehouse & Fulfillment Software

Our 3rd party logistics software leverages the latest 3PL technology to reduce errors in packing, tracking, and relaying information to both customers and retailers. This means that for general packages as well as specialty branded packages, we're able to ensure that any specific instructions, inserts, packing materials, and other components are included during the packing stage as per customer instruction and preferences. Our software also supports a broad range of communication networks and e-commerce platforms so that retailers are able to view key metrics throughout the fulfillment process. Specifically, warehouse management system software can:

Robotics in Fulfillment

Robotics have helped to change the world of fulfillment technology and enable IDS Fulfillment to provide next-level service to our customers and retailers. Our warehouses have been upgraded to utilize Kiva Systems robots that allow for faster picking, packing, and shipping of all orders. Our robots use advanced fulfillment technology to carry shelving pods to our warehouse staff in a continuous flow, eliminating the manual and time-consuming task of walking across warehouse spaces to find individual products.

How Does It Work?

Small barcodes are placed on the floors of each aisle to provide specific directions to each robot so that products always end up in their designated places and issues of misplaced products are eliminated. Shelving pods are then automatically summoned based on order details that are displayed to our staff and delivered by our robots enabling us to fulfill orders in record time. With these faster processing times and a larger product capacity, you gain the ability to scale your operation and increase revenue without fear of fulfillment bottlenecks.

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When you choose IDS Fulfillment for your e-commerce fulfillment needs, you're placing trust in a robust system built with precision automation and advanced 3rd party logistics software that are backed by a team of dedicated fulfillment experts. We've been providing superior logistics services to our clients for over 50 years and have been growing our B2B order fulfillment capabilities since the early 2000's. Our goal is to provide the tools and service that are required to help you grow your business! We ensure that you have the best support in the industry. Request your consultation today and experience the benefits of advanced 3PL technology.



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