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Returns Processing Center

When shipping direct to consumer (D2C), returns are inevitable.

Through advanced technology and focused processes, IDS Fulfillment is not only able to act as your dedicated returns processing center, we can also show cost savings and higher cost recovery from your customer’s returns.Return_to_Sender_300

IDS Fulfillment makes the return process easy and simple for not only our fulfillment customers, but also for their customers by providing easy return labels on pack slips and using re-usable return packaging. Ensure your returns process is straightforward, easy, and friction free by partnering with IDS Fulfillment!

Make the most of your return processing by thoroughly examining the returned products. IDS is able to make decisions on whether to place the order back in inventory, remove completely from inventory or support your efforts to move through other liquidation channels.


No client wants a return, but that doesn't mean they become a total loss for the bottom line.
With IDS Fulfillment we help make the most out of your return process. Ready to talk about it? We are happy to help!

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